How to use Canvas Rubrics for MLL outcomes assessment

Below are some instructions and visuals for how to use our common department rubrics for General Education assessment of the Student Learning Outcomes for modern languages. Our first SLO that we will be assessing is on writing, evaluating a paragraph that students write in class without the aid of dictionaries or textbooks. Here are 10 steps to guide you through it, plus some advice on how to use it for a grade (or not).

Step 1: Create an “Assignment” in Canvas

Canvas step 1

Step 2: Give the assignment a name (like “Writing Assessment”) and choose “No submission” since they will be writing the composition in class and turning in hand-written paragraphs

Canvas Step 2

Step 3: Choose “Save and publish” at the bottom of the page

Canvas Step 3

Step 4: Add a rubric to the published assignment

Canvas Step 4

Step 5: Select “Find a Rubric” at the top of the “Create rubric” box

Canvas Step 5

Step 6: Under “Find existing Rubric”/ Modern Languages/Presentational Writing,

select “Use This Rubric” at the bottom.

Canvas Step 6

Step 7: When you are ready to enter student results, choose “Speed Grader” from the assignment that you created

Canvas Step 7

Step 8: For each student, select “View Rubric”

Canvas Step 8

Step 9: Fill out the rubric and the Student Learning Outcome and “Save”. Note that you can click on “View longer description” in the Criteria column for a more detailed description of each evaluation area.

Canvas Step 9

Step 10: Click the arrows on the top blue bar to advance through the students in your class. That’s it!

Grading: If this composition is also for a grade, you can also use this rubric as the grade by editing the Rubric after step 6 and selecting “Use this rubric for assignment grading”

Canvas Step 6b

Canvas Step 6c

You will need to give the assignment a value (4 points) in Step 1 above.

If you already use Canvas grading but want to assign a different value for grading, you can either just assign the grade directly in box above the Rubric (note, this also requires giving the assignment a point or percentage value in Step 1 when you set it up, which can be different from the rubric):

Canvas Step 8c




Or you can create a new assignment in Canvas and grade as you usually do. If you don’t plan to count the grade for this particular outcomes assignment, you’ll also need to “mute” it in your gradebook:

Canvas Step 10


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For Next Year’s Freshman

For Next Year’s Freshman

This should take about 10-15 minutes. I’d love for you to forward the letters to me afterwards. I may use so them for new student materials.

Have students write a letter to next year’s freshmen. Suggested topics to cover:

1. What is one idea you learned this semester or last that got you really excited?

2. What is one thing that changed how you viewed the world?

3. What was your biggest mistake?

4. What have you done to correct your biggest mistake?

5. What was your biggest success?

6. What is your learning style?

7. How have you changed?

8. What would you tell entering UMW freshmen?